Le Secret Naturel

Who are we

Since its creation in 2002, in the heart of the magnificent region of Provence ( France) Le Secret Naturel embodies the harmony between nature and beauty. Our brands offer varied ranges of hygiene and cosmetic products certified by Ecocert and labeled by Cosmebio. In order to preserve the precious benefits of our ingredients, each product is handcrafted with love. Our French Laboratory is the result of an exciting evolution, where artisanal expertise and the constant desire for innovation come together harmoniously. Each formula is meticulously created, using traditional techniques and quality ingredients. We are proud to offer effective products that are made with care and attention, to deliver an exceptional sensory experience and the French savoir-faire.

Labels and certifications

Postal address and digital presence

Le Secret Naturel
665 avenue Théodore Aubanel

Website: http://www.lesecretnaturel.com