Who are we

Born from crowdfunding, Le Parfum Citoyen is the newest sensation in French perfumery, making its mark into the beauty world changing the way we produce, perceive and shop for fragrance. Founded in Nice by parfumeur Adrien Gautier, the brand revivals French artisanal perfumery with a modern, fun and creative twist. Le Parfum Citoyen disrupts mainstream standards by creating scents thats are handcrafted by local artisans, sustainable, cruelty-free and fair priced. Each well-blended scent is designed as an olfactory archetype - from the mesmerizing French Fatale to the daring Princesse Rebelle - to suit any personality or mood. To each fragrance its own style, character, desire. Heritage combined with modernity, Le Parfum Citoyen is manufactured in a historic atelier in the South of France, where well kept secrets are transmitted across generations since 1888. Our level of attention to details, passion and our commitment to respecting traditional French craft set us apart in a market dominated by mass production.

Labels and certifications

Postal address and digital presence

25 Avenue Commandant Galliache

Website: http://www.leparfumcitoyen.fr