Who are we

We are an award winning and innovative zero waste Organic cosmetics company from Provence that produces sensorial beauty bars for face, hair and body care for men and women. We are pioneers in developing solid facial skincare. At Balade en Provence we are proud to have launched the first solid night cream and the first solid eye contour in the world! All our products are handmade in France, using the highest quality standards. Balade en Provence range is sold in some of most iconic Organic & Natural health retailers worldwide. We founded Balade en Provence with a clear mission: to create a solid, organic, zero waste and effective alternative for replacing all the liquid cosmetic products used for skin and hair care. We are present in more than 15 countries, and continue to expand worldwide.

Labels and certifications

Postal address and digital presence

5 route de cannes, n.3 les jardins d'elaia

Website: https://balade-provence.com/