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FRENCH EXCELLENCE IN BABY CARE SINCE 1971 - A family affair, a matter of conviction 1971. Michel Rival, an enthusiastic pharmacist and father of a family concerned with the specific needs of early childhood workers, created Rivadouce Bébé: a range of hygiene and care products dedicated to maternity wards and designed to take care of infants. Our brand was born. Three years later, Rival’s offer was extended to the entire family. Since its creation, Rivadouce has been a key consumer brand and has also occupied a prominent place among healthcare personnel, such as midwives and nursery nurses. Originally from the “Grand Ouest” area in France, Rivadouce is first and foremost a family adventure passed down from generation to generation. It is in this spirit, dear to Mr. Rival – the founder – that the brand has been built each and every day and continues to be built today. When it comes to family, it’s all about transmission. Michel Rival entrusted his daughter and son-in-law, Véronique and Christian Lainé, with the destiny of a singular brand created by and for the family. After 25 years of management, the handover has been seamless and carried out with trust. Today, it is Michel Rival’s two children, Benjamin and Maxime who are responsible for making sure that their heritage is successful. Because, just like the first generations, the company has a connection with their own past too. It was there when they were born, while they were growing up and it continues to make their laughter resonate in the parking lot courtyard of the family business. As a result, they are in charge of taking care of this special family heritage and uniting the talents around them to steer the brand to greater heights alongside families. What will never change is the attention to safe and sustainable care right from the start, which has convinced healthcare professionals and the medical profession.

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