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Based in Paris, Laboratoires Cytolnat was founded in 2002 by pharmacists specialized in cosmetic formulation, with the ambition of offering effective products formulated with cosmetic active ingredients of natural origin. Since then, Laboratoires Cytolnat's products have gained a strong reputation in the medical community (nurses, radiotherapists, oncologists, dermatologists, aesthetic surgeons, etc.), both for the results obtained and for the quality of their composition. Cytology (from the Greek cyto = cell and logos = science) is the science of studying the cell. We are committed to using natural active ingredients. The name Cytolnat therefore affirms our fundamentals: Enhancing the well-being of our cells (cytol) using the properties of nature (nat). To respect this philosophy, we pay particular attention to the choice of ingredients used in the formulation of our products. As far as possible, we favor the use of ingredients of natural origin. The percentage of natural ingredients is now indicated on all our products. These ingredients are rigorously selected to suit the most sensitive and fragile skins. All products are subjected to laboratory and clinical tests to guarantee both their perfect safety and their effectiveness.

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