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Our laboratory works in partnership with pharmacies and parapharmacies on a range of cosmetics for men and women. Our distribution is relayed in Europe by licensed distributors. Present on innovation competitions, DermoFluide responds to shaving and environmental problems by offering shaving and aftershave fluids 5 times less bulky than shaving foams or gels. Interest: very concentrated lubricant protection (5 times vs foam/ gel) water soluble (does not fall into the category of Oils) Affinity for the epidermis: the composition of the Fluids is close to the natural secretions of the skin so that the Fluids are well tolerated. Cleansing of the epidermis by essential oils that play a role of natural preservatives It only takes 3 to 6 drops of Fluid on wet skin to shave. When the glide decreases, or the skin dries, it is enough to take a little water and come back to massage 2-3 seconds the face or the skull to reactivate the lubricating film. At the end of the shave, simply rinse, and notice that the aftershave is already operating, leaving room for a fresh and fragrant supple skin. The Shaving Fluid does not foam, which makes it possible to follow with great precision the details of the face, especially if you keep the beard. Another significant advantage, fluids delay the wear of the blades. On average, the lifespan of a razor doubles. (x3000 microscopy) This is because a good lubricant insulates the blades from friction on the skin. Recently we launched a version for ElectroFluide electric shaver for users of electric shavers whose head washes. Results: Instant cleaning of grilles and sink, no clogging as for specially designed oils. Delighted customers.

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