Karawan Authentic

Who are we

Karawan-authentic reimagines the Silk Road through exclusive creations in the realm of bathing and hospitality, showcasing natural ingredients and the artisanal expertise born from the finest Oriental traditions. Karawan is committed to a path of solidarity-based economy and sustainable development in establishing its supply chains in Morocco, India, Turkey, Syria, Nepal, and Vietnam. An universe derived from the rituals of bath hospitality in the East, each stop revisited through the power of creation. A realm of inspiration where beauty finds expression in well-being and sharing. Encounters with a lush nature and its exquisite materials, crafted by the hand of man. A way of life where the delicate offerings to oneself and others cultivate a sensory universe, akin to benevolent journeys for the soul and the senses.

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Postal address and digital presence

Karawan Authentic
23 Rue Auguste Comte

Website: http://www.karawan.fr