FiiLiT Parfum du voyage

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THE FRAGRANCE WITH CLEAN AND NATURAL FORMULATIONS EAU DE PARFUM MIXTE ”FiiLiT”, beauty philosophy through travel. Each fragrance is an invitation to travel, which awakens your senses. Creators of the brand share their passion for scents and perfumes discovered while raveling the world and inspired by the cultures people and materials he encountered along the way. Nothing in the world is more precious than this feeling of freedom from a trip. FiiLiT is a French house that has placed its commitment in the creation of ethical, authentic, natural and high-quality perfumes that are respectful of oneself and of one’s environment. With each bottle of FiiLiT’s Parfum du Voyage, Régis and his team aspire to share their olfactory vision of travel and philosophy of beauty. Inspired by their encounters and experiences from around the world, they’ve crafted a colorful spectrum of perfumes. Thank you for wanting to be part of the positive change!

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FiiLiT Parfum du voyage
8 rue de Paris