EOLYS beauté

Who are we

We created Minima[liste] to give your skin the care it really needs, but also to preserve our planet. Our ambition : Change your beauty routine and have you embrace our “less is more” philosophy. Make body and face skin care that is effective, practical, sensory-based with respect for the skin, humans and the environment. Our products: adopt a minimalist, natural, organic and made in France beauty routine • Waterless formulas: eliminate unnecessary ingredients to give you 100% active products. • Reduce the list of ingredients: to formulate only 100% natural and organic cosmetics • Made in France: very strict standards, exceptional quality and French know-how • Upcycling: giving a second life to our bottles to protect our planet • Vegan: our products are formulated with strictly no ingredients of animal origin The idea is not to have LESS than we need, but it is to have EXACT what we need

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Postal address and digital presence

EOLYS beauté
105 avenue Jean Jaurès, Bâtiment B3

Website: https://www.minimaliste.green/en/