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Being a woman, having three children, living in Paris and having a fulfilling career, is a fight of every moment. It was necessary to organize, learn, undertake, educate, prove, work hard, run, put on make-up to appear, seduce and impose oneself. And one day, the children are grown up and the sky of Paris is quite gray. There is global warming, fewer swallows, fatigue and the label on my day cream: a label indicating synthetic components, preservatives, excipients and nothing natural. A desire for nature, meaning and respect... It was a real realization, I wanted to live with nature. I wanted to respect myself and the environment. For my children, for myself, for our future and for the planet, I wanted to act. Then childhood memories came back: the countryside of Puisaye, the scents of a garden, stories of my great aunt Antoinette, of her parents who were horticulturists in Thiais, who grew flowers to be cut for the Parisian florists. An entrepreneur at heart, I decided to buy a farm and become a cosmetologist horticulturist. For the cultivation of the Centifolia rose, a clay-limestone soil, with vines, is ideal. I did not want to settle in Grasse. I wanted to find my own terroir, to give another character, another identity to my roses. An ideal terroir in the Loiret, a farm on a hill... . I chose the Loire Valley. South of Gien, in Autry-Le-Chatel, perched on a hill opposite the village, there was an abandoned farm for sale. The buildings were dilapidated. The surroundings were littered with rubble, waste and old machinery covered with brambles. On the two hectares of land, there were almost no hedges, no trees. Everything had been razed to the ground for industrialized agriculture. Walking through the weeds, a hare surprised me and ran away. The place conquered me: here will be my domain, the domain of Beau-Lièvre. Translated with (free version)

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