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Vinegar and mustard Master since 1797, Martin-Pouret is the last vineyard house to perpetuate a know-how and an ancestral tradition. She has conquered the greatest tables in France and abroad. With its history and the quality of its vinegar, Martin-Pouret has developed a range of products ranging from mustard, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise deliciously mustard and vinegar! Martin-Pouret is obsessed with the quality of its products. Its teams select each ingredient with the utmost care. Concerned about responsible production and minimal carbon impact, the house supplies exclusively from French farmers. Mustard seeds are not imported from Canada but grown in the Loire Valley. The same applies to wines from the main French wine regions, which the house carefully selects for the production of its vinegars. Finally, pickles, like all the vegetables that make up pickles, also come from a French culture. It is this respect for the land, its know-how and its farmers that Martin-Pouret has established as a company philosophy and that guides it every day in its constant search for the good, the beautiful and the responsible. The production of vinegar and the city of Orléans have been linked historically since the Renaissance. Upon their arrival in Orléans, the wines which had begun a second fermentation during their journey on the Loire, were unloaded and served as raw material to the many vinaigriers and mustard masters installed in the city. Since 1797, Martin-Pouret continues the tradition of the Vinegar and Mustard Masters of Orléans. We are now the last of this corporation which had more than 400 houses and which met 80% of the country’s wine vinegar needs in the 19th century. Today, the wines are no longer transported by boat on the Loire but the Orleans method of fermentation and aging in oak barrels has remained the same at Martin-Pouret. Indeed, the selected wines are transformed into vinegar thanks to a slow fermentation of three weeks; they are then aged in oak barrels for at least a year. When others produce their vinegars in 48h, At Martin-Pouret, Vinegar Master leaves the time to do his work and it is on average 13 months that the vinegars pass in barrels before being bottled. For some, it is up to 20 years that the house Martin-Pouret gives them so that they develop all their aromatic richness. It is this work that allows their vinegars to offer a perfect balance, elegance, flavors, which three centuries later, have not taken a wrinkle. It’s the same obsession with well-done work that guides her in developing her mustards. Once the seeds are stuffed with Martin-Pouret wine vinegar, they are crushed slowly with a stone wheel to obtain a fine, creamy and delicious texture before letting them rest for 3 weeks.

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