Les Bouriettes SARL

Who are we

We are artisans whose work consists in preserving ancestral know-how and adapting it to the contemporary world. We are passionate to communicate our knowledge and way of life. Our cannery has existed since 1980, we use traditional equipment such as autoclaves, cast iron pots and smoke dryers : essential tools to produce canned food. Every aspect of our work is based on the deep rooted culinary traditions of the southwest and the regional speciality : foie gras. We have the agreement FR46185007 CE. The delicatessen is located in the heart of the medieval town of Martel, we select the finest local produce and wines. This connection with our ‘terroir’ gives us a soul, essential for our journey. Our restaurant ‘Au Hasard Balthazar’ offers quality local cuisine with a modern twist. Since 2015 we have been ‘Maître Restaurateur’ an accolade of southwestern cooking. Today, we are continuing to evolve and grow : adapting traditional recipes to concoct new flavours , such as foie gras perfumed with Timut or Sichuan pepper. We have developed our packaging to give a contemporary feel : glass jars wich can be reheated in the oven and shared with friends over drinks, Sheperds pie made with duck confit and sweet potato, creamy sauces with porcini or chanterelles mushrooms for a quick pasta or risotto sauce. It is a question of revisiting the codes of artisanal gastronomy, keeping the quality resulting from the years of tradition while bringing a fun, original and current edge to the product. All this of course, is in trend with the ‘healthy eating’movement of the moment and with respect to the environment : short circuits, recyclable packaging, paper from protected forests, no preservatives, no dyes, using quality salt in small quantities. This art of living is highly sought after, it’s importance has been highlighted during the recent lockdowns. The personal contact with our customers is essential and at the heart of our company.

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Les Bouriettes SARL

Website: http://www.lesbouriettes.fr