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History : GUYADER GASTRONOMIE is a brand leader in the fields of charcuterie, delicatessen products and smoked fish. Created in 1930 by Yves Guyader, grandfather of the current M-D, Christian Guyader, the firm is strongly committed to preserving its excellent Breton heritage through the quality of its products and skilled expertise. It continues to maintain the values which have forged its identity, namely territoriality, quality, innovation and an enlightened approach to business. The company started as meat salters and curers in the village of Landrévarzec, near Quimper, Finistère. While remaining loyal to its original trade of charcuterie, GUYADER gradually broadened its skills and expertise. In 1989, GUYADER began diversifying into seafood products, a highly successful move as this sector of activity now represents more than half of its annual turnover. Key figures: 427 Employees 90 M€ Turnover 4 Fields of activity : - charcuterie - fish and seafood delicatessen - baked delicatessen - smoked fish 3 Distribution networks: Retail, catering/wholesale, export

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