Who are we

FOR MORE THAN 130 YEARS, FAUCHON HAS NEVER CEASED TO INNOVATE AND HAS BECOME THE REFERENCE FOR LUXURY FRENCH GASTRONOMY IN THE WORLD. Throughout the year, FAUCHON offers a sensory and personalised experience in all its product categories: delicatessen, cellar, patisserie, tea, confectionery and chocolate. Combining the elegance of its designs, the finesse of its recipes and its ancestral know-how in the composition of gift boxes, FAUCHON is the reference for refined and gourmet gifts. Since 1886, FAUCHON experts have been criss-crossing France in search of raw materials of exceptional quality. Driven today by the creativity and passion of the Chefs of the House, FAUCHON offers a new experience, according to the seasons, around innovative creations with gourmet flavours, inspired by the times and the French culinary heritage. From the smallest attention to exceptional gifts, FAUCHON has imagined for you a wide collection of gift boxes and delicacies, each time with its own daring. Pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds, all the senses are solicited...

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8 rue Volney

Website: https://www.fauchon.com/