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Our company has been associated with the excellence of natural vanilla since 1990. Our dedication, capacity to innovate and ability to oversee all stages of vanilla production has brought it to our current position of leader in the natural vanilla market. Our turnover in 2023 is 40 million euros. This is the result of a strong international presence in over 85 countries covering mainly the industrial, retail, wholesaler and artisan sectors. In just a few years, our number of employees has increased substantially to 130. Most of these are located in the Hauts-de-France, in the north of France. There are currently several ongoing projects : research on vanilla plants in-situ in our experimental greenhouse and CSR development. We opened our new 6,000 m² factory on 1st July, 2022. All of the Eurovanille staff are now present on one site, allowing an efficient workflow between colleagues, a better control of stocks and an improvement in production deadlines. The whole production site now covers 8,000 m². In order to allow our company to grow, we have invested several million euros in new production lines. Our reactivity, our proximity to customers and our versatility are all factors which enable us to offer a service which is fully oriented to the needs of our customers in the food industry over the long term.

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