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For over 30 years, Esprit du Sel has been harvesting and distributing the highest quality sea salts available from the Isle of Re, situated off the Atlantic coast of France. From the salt marshes to your table, Esprit du Sel’s sea salt remains I00% natural and authentic. Today, Esprit du Sel is the first sea salt manufacturer 100% Organic Certified. Situated 3 km off the Atlantic coast of France, the Isle of Re is a paradise island known for its pristine beaches, lush forests and, untouched wilderness. Restrictive automobile access, construction & pollution control, large wildlife and natural protected areas, the impressive environmental protection efforts on the Isle of Re make for the ideal location for harvesting all natural sea salts of the highest quality. Since 1984, Esprit du Sel has been revitalizing antic salt harvesting vocation, bringing back a 12th century harvesting tradition. By restoring and protecting the salt marshes, Esprit du Sel reestablished the artisan trade of salt harvesting on the Isle of Re. Commercializing the Fleur de Sel and Grey Sea Salt, as well as a number of other sea salt products for over twenty years. Esprit du Sel has 7 established boutiques on the island, and has it’s salts available worldwide.

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Esprit du Sel
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