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EKOLEAU - Innovation at the Intersection of Ecology and Marketing Welcome to EKOLEAU, where we're changing the game for brand communication and visibility. Located in Saint-Raphaël, our vibrant startup specializes in eco-friendly, customizable cardboard water bottles, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bottles. Our mission is twofold: to protect the environment by reducing plastic waste and to assist businesses in promoting their brand in an eco-conscious and innovative way. Our bottles are made with 83% plant-based materials, including caps derived from sugarcane, and are supplied by Tetra Pak, the global leader in packaging solutions. EKOLEAU is not just another water brand; we are a groundbreaking marketing tool. Each bottle is an opportunity to tell a story, bolster a brand, launch a campaign, or convey a message. With options to add logos, personalized messages, and QR codes, our bottles turn every sip into an engaging brand experience. We take pride in our local approach and collaborations with municipalities and businesses from Fréjus to Saint-Raphaël and beyond. By partnering with EKOLEAU, our clients do more than just quench their customers' thirst; they join a movement of conscious and responsible marketing. Join us in this ecological and marketing revolution. With EKOLEAU, hydrate, impress, and engage.

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Website: http://www.eko-leau.fr