Des Poules et des Vignes à Bourgueil

Who are we

I’M Gabriel, I am a young Farmer. I fell in love about region of Bourgueil beetween Loire, Wood and Castel. My poultry farm is only an open air kennel. Duck, chiken, pig and sheep are living beetween wood and vine. Animals are nourish with grain (wheat and corn) come from west or France and aromatic plants. We have a particulary product : chicken in vine, we have 1ha of vine closed where we raise chicken. They work for us because they eat grass, insect and work the soil. I Keannel also rabbit, goose, quail and fat duck. I force feed with whole corn. In 2022 I begin a livestock of shekel breed « solognot », they are with other animals. We have our slaughterhouse at 1 km from the farm. I propose a great range of fattening poultry. In 2023, I create with my wife a pigeon breeding in aviaries. Today we can propose to you whole poultry or without giblets fresh or Frozen.

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Des Poules et des Vignes à Bourgueil
19 rue de la Galotiere