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Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV), craftsman, «Quality producer of the Collège Culinaire de France, «Coq d'Or of the Guide des Gourmands, the family cannery CONSERVES GUINTRAND (5th generation), located in Carpentras in Vaucluse, France, since 1898, transforms the fresh fruits and vegetables of Provence with a know-how that is recognized in France and abroad. All our products are top quality products, made from fresh fruits and vegetables of Provence/Rhône Valley origin, picked at maturity and processed without delay to transmit all their flavors and thus allowing us to keep our commitment of quality. Our experience is more than 120 years in the cannery activity! The fruits of Provence/Rhone Valley that we work: black cherry, bigarreau, apricot, tomato, Williams pear, wild quince…. in pulp, puree, cubes, compote, halves, whole… but also recipes of cooked vegetables from Provence. We offer a 4 year DDM on all our products. The company is also Ecocert certified and some of its preserves are thus available organic (5/1 cans only). Conserves Guintrand sells its metal cans both to wholesalers in bakery/pastry but also to industrial processors, chocolatiers, glaciers, jammers, confectioners, restaurants, caterers... who develop their own products by incorporating ours. In particular, we provide french Mofs and pastry chefs/glaciers in search of exceptional flavours (P. Chevallot, G. Paillasson, Ph. Hiriart, F. Gillotte, Jouvaud, Hawecker, Berthillon…) Guintrand also offers a range of jars for gourmet stores and consumers under its “P. GUINTRAND” brand. Labels are both in French and English. Great products for VEGANs. If you have a few moments, here is a link to a film about the Guintrand cannery:

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