Who are we

Created in 1982, CGF is the tale of 3 friends including 2 brothers. All started in the family workshop ... In 2008, Manu & Romain joined the company with the aim of taking it over the same strategy focused on : - Quality products - Sourcing local raw materials We've been making regional product since the begining, so it was natural to develop a range of products using recipes that go back to the company's origins. 100% of our pork is from the Hauts-de-France (North) & 100% of our duck comes the South West of France. A complete range of gluten free gourmet products including : - Plain white pudding - Truffled white pudding - White pudding with foie gras - Duck foie gras - Duck confit - Smoked duck breast For more transparency, go to the traceability tab on :

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131 Avenue des longues pièces