Who are we

CARRE SUISSE a premium Swiss chocolate brand founded 12 years ago. After the French market, the company wants to expand abroad. In few figures, this is 2 million bars sold per year in 2000 retail point of sales (convenience stores, supermarkets…) and a 50% great repurchase rate. CARRÉ SUISSE is answering 3 needs of the modern Food customer. 1. SWISS ANCHOR -> Excellence of the Swiss Made chocolate and the use of the creamy Swiss Alp milk 2. NATURALNESS -> Bean to Bar chocolate; 100% natural ingredients; a wide range of organic products; refined design 3. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY -> A fair trade price paid to the farmers; traceability of the cocoa beans and a FSC paper of the eco-friendly packaging We are looking after the importer/distributor for launching a Premium Chocolate FMCG brand on its market. Ready ? - to be the first player to launch a Premium Swiss chocolate brand on its market. - to be supported by a partner with significant manufacturing capacity and the ability to create innovations: we have developed and made available a range of 5 recipes of chocolates with no added sugar. The promise of Carré Suisse is: an authentic Swiss chocolate bar with a short list of selected ingredients in an eco-responsible packaging, accessible in price and within an everyday purchasing network.

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150 rue Legendre