Who are we

Character-filled potatoes, such could be the signature of Maison Bayard. Thanks to a family know-how, cultivated since 1910, in the heart of Santerre, in Picardie, la Maison Bayard makes the potato a product of high-end terroir and tastefully a product of exception. By answering the custom-made requests of his customers, la Maison Bayard always looks for the best of the potato. A real commitment that makes gourmets happy. La Maison Bayard is dedicated to the discovery of multiple varieties of potatoes through a reasoned production in the Hauts-de-France. For more of twenty years, a real mediation work on the diversity of potatoes, their texture and their uses, old varieties (Institut de Beauvais, Corne de Gâte), among thirty other varieties like Andean Sunside, Blue Belle, Double Fun, Miss Blush, Juliette des Sables (from the Baie de Somme), Prunelle, Ratte du Santerre and many others. Upmarket potatoes in all shapes, flesh and colors, through a wide range of packaging.

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12 rue de la Justice