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Caviar producer - trout eggs producer - smoked frozen sturgeon and trout - sashimi style - 100 % from France We are an independent artisan sturgeon and trout breeder and 100% french premium caviar producer I am looking for an importer / Distributor of sea food in your country We produce very high end Caviar and trout eggs We supply some of the most famous caviar brands in the world Interested in importing and distributing the brand CAVIAR PERLE NOIRE ? Call me or send me an e-mail Benefits of Caviar Perle Noire: - 100 % French - Producer, breeder and refiner - Exceptional water quality => Natura 2000 area, in the heart of Périgord: no industrial activity - Water classified in the first fish category. Rich in minerals, especially calcium, it helps to avoid parasitic and slightly earthy tastes - No GMOs, no land animal flour, no antibiotics or hormones - Farm is disease free - No use of phytosanitary products - Handcrafted work - Approved laboratory, European standards of hygiene and traceability - Passionate teams and aquatic breeding specialists - French know-how which confers a beautiful taste combining subtlety, strength and length in the mouth

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Caviar Perle Noire - Aquadem