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Alpina Savoie is the only company to produce pasta and couscous from French wheat, respecting nature, its producers and the health of consumers thanks to the implementation of a fair and demanding durum wheat production chain. In 2020, the semolina manufacturer is launching the first pasta made from HVE-certified wheat. These pasta products are made from 100% French wheat from farms with High Environmental Value (HVE). This is a major step towards a more environmentally friendly agriculture. In 2019, Alpina Savoie is launching organic pasta from France with zero use and zero residue of pesticides. This objective, unprecedented in organic farming, guarantees the total absence of pesticides, even if organic. This practice also aims to restore biodiversity. It is also an additional assurance for consumers in search of more responsible organic. In 2018, the brand released the Épinette, a pasta with the pretty shape of an ear of wheat to symbolise its commitments within its Filière Française pasta range guaranteed without pesticide residues. Today, Alpina Savoie markets a wide range of pasta products for retail distribution and food service channels. It also supplies the food industry, in particular for the infant food segment, which is particularly demanding in terms of quality and traceability. In addition to Bio de France zero pesticide residue and Filière Française zero pesticide residue ranges, the emblematic Crozets are added, marking its historical know-how. Indeed, the SME is part of the very small circle of companies that are more than a hundred years old. It was born in 1844 in Chambéry in the Alps. It is the oldest pasta maker in France. Alpina Savoie has always mastered the entire manufacturing process, and the SME owns one of the last five French durum wheat mills. This milling know-how has been passed down from generation to generation, and Antoine Chiron, who runs the mill today, is a direct descendant of the company's founders. In April 2017, Alpina Savoie was recognised as a Living Heritage Company, a label awarded by the French government that salutes the excellence of French craft and industrial know-how. It makes Alpina Savoie an ambassador of Made in France.

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