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Since 1855, the Double family has owned and managed Château de Beaupré, a magnificent estate located in the heart of Provence. In 2000, Maxime Double founded Wines Tree : a production, distribution and wine merchant company. Wines Tree's objective: Build with its team a range of wines, adapted to the different needs of professionals and Wine Lovers! Here are our 3 pillars that lay our foundation: 1. Tradition & Experience: From our Noblesse title earned in 1378, the family has more than 160 years in the wine industry / The blending technique mastered for several generations 2. Freedom & Audacity as a state of mind: • Vin de France: blending without geographical limits • Development of thermochromic labels: consumer pleasure first on red, white and rosé creations • Social network communication: targeted on consumers to trust their tastes and feel confident about their choices 3. Pleasure as an objective: our motto is Our business makes sense, if your senses perceive it! Like a chef or a perfumer, we look for the best terroirs, to blend our eclectic creations. Wines Tree offers a portfolio of wines articulated around 3 branches: 1. Our creations: The Art of blending with a contemporary wine vision: Two major goals; two lines-up: a) Baron Maxime: choose pleasure and accessibility. This is the focus of our creative process. Rather than long speeches on wines, the first source of pleasure is to help the consumers gain confidence in themselves. But also, to help them listen to their personal tastes. In other words, give them control to enhance their choices. Move away from the saying it's expensive or it's famous, so it's good, I will like it” b) Our terroir editions: terroirs signature wines, bottling the most beautiful expressions of selected appellations. An invitation to explore the wine heritage of our regions. 2. Châteaux & Estates: A multi-generational family estate with 20 years of experience in sourcing exceptional wines. We work closely with our partner estates and their remarkable terroirs. At Wines Tree we help the family estate expand its borders and we also distribute our partner estates. 3. Gift-boxes: Whether gifting to a wine connoisseur or experimental sipper, we've got something to enchant every palate This translates into a wine box combining : Creativity, Aestheticism, Quality, Fun, Education Our assets: a wide and ready-to-go range, in constant evolution, but also the possibility to build your own box adapted to your specifications.

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