Who are we

The Tournier family, active in the wine sector in the south of France for 3 generations, has a rich history in the wine sector. Roland Tournier, the father, is an oenologist who built his career around wine, his son Roman also into wine joined him in the adventure to create new and different wines, tasteful wines that stand out for their commitment to the environment. This is how they came to create WineImpact. They offer a range of wines made from new grape varieties that are naturally resistant to the main vine diseases, such as mildew and powdery mildew. In addition to this, the company is contributing to the development of re-use in France through a bottle deposit system. The company is tackling three major challenges in viticulture: resistance to disease, respect for the soil and climatic requirements, and environmental adaptation. Roland & Roman have decided to use their knowledge of wine and vines to offer a range of 0-treatment wines with a low carbon footprint. By tackling key issues in viticulture and responding to the environmental challenges of wine production, Wine Impact is positioning itself as a new generation of wine producers committed to putting the environment at the heart of their concerns.

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1241 route de Villariès