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The Vignerons d'Oléron cooperative cellar brings together around twenty winegrowers and producers on the Ile d'Oléron. They operate approximately 320 hectares of vines spread throughout the territory. This diversified range of terroirs is an undeniable asset for the production of authentic wines and spirits. The diversity of our production requires great know-how from our winegrowers and our teams. The winegrowers all deliver 100% of their harvest to the cooperative. It is statutory and it is the guarantee of always having good grapes. And good grapes make good wines. And good wines make good Cognac! This is how the winegrowers of Oléron are heavily involved in the operation of their business. Location Les Vignerons d’Oléron is located on Oléron Island, on the west part of France, close to Rochefort. It is the second largest French island after Corsica. We produce wine, Pineau des Charentes and Cognac. Our exceptional terroir, boarded by the Atlantic, benefits from direct influence of the ocean (sea spray) that gives all its particularity and tipicity to our products. Distillery Our distillery is one of the most important in the Cognac region. It is composed of 8 copper pot stills (each one has a capacity of 25 hectoliters). Every year, les Vignerons d’Oléron dis¬till and produce for big names of Cognac like Martell, Camus, Larsen and Grand Marnier. Les Vignerons d’Oléron produce each year around 2 000 hectoliters of Pure Alcohol of Cognac. Ageing Cellar In the Saint-Georges d’Oléron site, Les Vignerons d’Oléron have an impressive ageing cellar containing 400 000 liters of Cognac in oak barrel casks. Cognac is a living product. During the ageing in oak casks, Cognac is in permanent contact with air. This allows extracting the substances from the wood that gives it both its color and final bouquet.

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