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TWELVE, French whiskey of the high-lands of Aubrac In 2014, twelve friends came together with a common dream: create a prestigious whiskey distillery in Laguiole, and produce a remarkable whiskey in the heart of exceptional nature. We have a French tailor-made still from Jean-Louis Stupfler, a world reference for its exclusive stills, based on ancestral know-how and family patents, recognized as a living heritage company. Our philosophy at TWELVE is to link tradition and modernity, and bring a new touch, in the art of making whisky. Our Cellar Master refines our whiskies according to rigorous criteria, working on new and older oak barrels, to create unique blends, but also exceptional single casks. Our whiskeys age in places marked by history, such as the ancient presbytery and the 16th century historical convent of the Laguiole village. We work our whiskey aging in humid, dry, or temperate cellars, but also with some significant natural thermal amplitudes, in order to bring complexity to our different barrels. We only propose limited vintages, from several hundred to several thousand bottles, regularly renewed as new blends are made, in search of the best. Today, half of our stocks is maturing in our barrels, to elaborate exceptional and rare whiskeys, over 20, 30 or even 40 years old

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