Who are we

The origin of the association is first and foremost a story of friendship and the coming together of two people: Hervé Dupond and Xavier Barbet. Each had a long history in wine to their name. The Dupond and Barbet families have been present in Beaujolais since 1580 and 1711 respectively. In 2007, they came together and formalised the association to share certain services and tools. Their objective was to offer more efficient services and a broader selection of wine to their customers. 8 years later, Grégory Barbet joined the project with the same desire, the same philosophy and the same convictions. This natural and human alchemy represents the DNA of Terroirs et Talents. It has guided our development with the inclusion ofother estates over the years, focused on consolidating obvious synergies. Today, Terroirs et Talents is a commercial association of several family estates between Beaujolais and Mâconnais. Each Estate retains its label and its identity and Terroirs et Talents sells the wines for each entity by favouring short circuits, wine merchants and restaurants, or small foreign distributors. The fundamental grounding is shared: constant work on the vines and the soils, environmentally friendly methods, getting the best from the terroirs. Grapes are grown in plots before blending and are picked by hand. Wine-making methods respect the grape and the work is customised every year to match the vintage produced. Each estate preserves its singular identity within a framework of creating wines of strong character, precise, generous, elegant and perfect for laying down. Working together also means working in the same direction, under the same impetus, discussing, sharing and helping each other to guarantee high quality wines.

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1031 route du Château

Website: http://www.terroirs-et-talents.fr