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“Between two worlds!” “A good wine can’t lie!” Our aim since taking over the family estates Châteaux LAGNET, LABATUT & ROQUES MAURIAC in the Entre-Deux Mers, is to produce a new style of Bordeaux. We had a vision of producing wines Between two worlds, fruit-driven but with the elegance associated with Bordeaux. With the help of the talented winemaker Olivier DAUGA and complemented by a range of very contemporary elegant packaging, we believe we have made it. Our wines show the balance between the fruit expression of the new world and the acidity and freshness of Bordeaux. They are from the Bordeaux appellation which in some ways gives us the advantage of having a blank sheet to start with. We choose the colours we wish to paint… We have made the most of this, pushing the boundaries in terms of the techniques we use, many adopted from the new world such as harvesting by night, using carbonic ice, and keeping exposure to oxygen to a minimum. We use staves and barrels from Burgundy with a lighter 'blonde toasting' to keep the oak flavours in line with the wine's elegant nature. Les 3 Châteaux: 3 Châteaux, 3 Terroir, 3 personalities but only one device: A good wine can't lie! Passionate wine growers since 3 generations, the LEVIEUX family is using all its knowledge to produce great white, rosé, and red Bordeaux wines in their independent cellars. Their precepts: quality, traceability, and respect of the nature. Particularity: The vineyard has a majority of Cabernet Franc which brings more fruits, fineness

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