Who are we

To Marie & Joseph de Maistre , being winemakers is above all a passion, an art, and a philosophy that they wish to share and transmit to their customers and friends. Every vintage is different and the work of the winegrower consists in perfecting what nature offers us each year. The notion of sustainable viticulture is foremost in our daily endeavours, to preserve the exceptional terroir that has been entrusted to us. The white wines of the Prieuré de Saint-Céols are renowned for their fruity character with notes of citrus fruits and white flowers. Crisp and fresh in their youth, they already express roundness and volume in the mouth. Our red wines are characterised by the intensity of their red fruits and silky tannins, and their exceptional concentration. Yields are being controlled in order to optimize grape’s concentration. Are the cellar, we gently help juices to provide their best from our grapes and our terroir.

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