Who are we

The estate was created in 1998 by Jean Rijckaert, a passionated belguim. His alter ego, Florent ROUVE, has taked over the estate in 2013, and preserved his winemaking philophy. The pecularty of RIJCKAERT is to offer wines from both the Mâconnais and the Jura. 2 vineyards, 2 cellars but a same philosophy : to intervene the less possible, in order to get the wines printed by the specificity of the grape variety and the typicity of the terroir. At the vineyard, the farming is organic (first vintage certified will be 2023). Harvests are excusively by hand. A the cellars, all the wine are vinificated and aged into neutral barrels. The fermentations floras are natural, no external inputs. No transfer and no stirring, in order to preserve the purity of the juices. Our signature : to do lively wines, with a sharped minerality and a certain festive virtue...

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