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We, Camille and Benjamin Fourt Arteaga, were only 23 years old in 2014 when we decided to found the House EGIAZKI («Le Véritable in Basque) in Saint Pée sur Nivelle. This youth concealed a much older relationship with spirits. In the Basque Country there is a liqueur called Patxaran, which is traditionally produced by each family at home. It is an aniseed wild sloeberry liqueur that is traditionally consumed as a digestive. Our family did not deviate from the rule; it was at the age of ten, accompanied by our grandfather, that our passion for spirits was born. The preparation of the Patxaran was the occasion for us to meet up with the family during long autumn walks through the forests of Saint Pée sur Nivelle. The first step, not least, is berry picking. Sloeberry trees on the edge of forests often form thorny bushes that are difficult to penetrate. Patience and perseverance were required. As the walk was conducive to discussion and contemplation, it was also an opportunity for cultural transmission between generations. Once the assembly with the anisette was done, then came the time to wait 8 months. This long period of maceration has taught us not to rush the spirit and to let it unfold its aromas while regularly controlling its evolution. Finally, the Patxaran was also synonymous with sharing, convivial moments and warm meals. It was with these memories that we built this project. It is with the desire to perpetuate the tradition and to make these memories our daily life that the House EGIAZKI was born

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