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The Estate Château La Tuilière, situated on the Gironde Estuary opposite Margaux, overlooks the vineyard on both sides of the slope. Consisting of 20 hectares of vines including 14 in the Côtes de Bourg appellation, Château La Tuilière produces a range of red wines and Crémant rosé. Three grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec) offer numerous opportunities for blending, characteristic of wines from the estate. Viticulture The vines are primarily planted in two south- and west-facing slopes with clay, clay-limestone and gravelly soils. The estate's vineyards have obtained HEV* certification. Treatments are therefore controlled and reduced to protect both people and the environment, and are devoid of any potentially harmful input products while helping to preserve the landscape. Quality is maintained and is of prime importance, after increasing yields, thanks to leaf thinning and green harvesting as necessary... The average age of the vines varies from 25 to 30 years, just the right balance to produce high-quality wines. Fermentation and Ageing The cellar is fully equipped to enable plot-by-plot fermentation, which opens up a myriad of blending possibilities. Maceration and alcoholic fermentation are carefully conducted for optimal extraction of color and tannin. The wine is aged on fine lees, under micro-oxygenation and partially in French oak barrels in a semi-underground cellar, conducive to controlling variations in temperature. All operations are overseen by the estate's oenologist. *High environmental value from the 2018 vintage onwards.

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