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Vincent FLEITH, the 11th generation of winegrowers in the family, took over the 10 hectares of the estate in production in 1996 after having traveled and worked in the vineyards of California and Australia. Vincent permanently reflects on his work as a viticulturalist. From the start, he stopped using artificial fertilizers, weed-killers and pesticides. In their place, he tills the soil, thus encouraging fauna and flora. Lupines, dandelions, daisies, poppies and wild garlic flower once again in the vineyards; the bees and other insects have returned. 1999, 2000, 2001 Vincent begins Biodynamics, with set tests, he applies plant decoctions, silica and horn dung, and the wines change radically In 2008 he attains the 'Agriculture Biologique' label and the 'Demeter' label for biodynamics: The principal, signature 'terroir' are : Steinweg (alluvial gravels; very stony),Dorfburg (calcareous), Letzenberg (argillaceous, calcareous soils), Grand Cru Furstentum (shale, lime and sandstone) Each is represented by a different label, each flower being the one that grows naturally on the terroir represented. The harvest is manual, the grapes are handled gently and by gravity to avoid crushing. The vinification is done with indigenous yeasts, with a minimum of sulphur, no chaptalization. The aging is long, minimum 1 year and always on the lees. We vinify more and more maceration with white grapes (Cuvée l'ORANGE) Most important : preserve the minerality and characteristics of Alsace's terroir. Our wines are the fruit of our passionate work as “Artisan Vigneron”, they are unique, varied and rare.

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