Who are we

Domaine Olivier is located in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, France, in the Loire Valley. Created in 1959, it is the result of three generations of winemakers. It is a family story, Patrick and Agnès Olivier who had taken over the estate in 1983 have been joining by their two children, Florian and Marina. The Olivier family aims to produce delicate and balanced wines while respecting nature. The Domaine's vineyard currently covers 75 hectares spread over the appellations of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, Bourgueil and Anjou. In order to preserve our terroirs for future generations, sustainable viticulture has been applied throughout the estate for many years. In order to go even further in this ecological process, we have decided to convert a part of our vineyard to Organic Viticulture. We are convinced that the best way to elaborate qualitative wines is to have living soils, healthy grapes carried by a healthy vine. For this, we pay particular attention to our vine growing by using grassing, plant cover and organic fertilizer.

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