Who are we

Domaine La Fille des Vignes is a small organic family owned vineyard located at Piégon, in Drôme Provençale. Family legacy, it was my parents above all who developed the vineyard and shaped it over the years. In order to continue the legacy cultivated by previous generations, the three girls decided to create the wine-growing company Tailleux et Filles. After a few years spent in Paris as an agrifood engineer, I came back to the south of France in 2018, to take over the family business with my father who passed down his passion for the vineyard. We use ancient practices to cultivate our vineyard in order to respect the vineyard and the environment, such as ‘chaussage’ and ‘déchaussage’ of the vineyard, mechanical weeding according to moon cycles and the “cordon de Royat” cut. We use organic fertilizer and lavender straw compost, a local farmer’s surplus put to good use on our vineyard. We also treat our vineyard reasonably and organically. Every decision is made out on the plot in order to respond as precisely as possible to the needs of our vineyard. In 2019, we created the Domaine La Fille des Vignes in order to produce our organic wine. Thanks to the small quantity we produce, we handle every step of the production, from the ground to the bottle. During vinification, we strongly limit inputs so that the terroir can fully express itself through our wines. Our quality wines are produced in an authentic, organic and cheerful manner.

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