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Domaine GRAND has always been a familial and traditional estate since 1692. Now Nathalie and Emmanuel are the new generation.Unique, complementary, cheerful, passionate, rigorous, they are writing together a new history of the estate The estate is situated in Passenans near Château-Chalon and spreads over 9,5 hectares in AOC Côtes du Jura, Arbois, Château-Chalon. Today, our 9,5 hectares of vines are cultivated in organic viticulture since 2018 to allow the soils to live, the grapes to be untouched by chemical products, fermentations made with natural yeast and to reduce the amount of Sulphur used in the cellar. This evolution is a means and not an end- a means to enjoy what we do and to put our terroirs first. We harvest manually so to get a quality wine, with an exceptional maturity. Today, there are 4 people who work year-round at the estate in order to produce a harvest limited to 40 hectolitres per hectare. A research for diversity led us to produce 19 differents cuvees. Often, terroir by terroir, with lots of innovation keeping account of the extaordinary potentional of the Jurassien vineyard with its white varietals - chardonnay and savagnin - and its reds - trousseau et pinot noir. Finally, new projects are not lacking from the creation of new cuvees to replant very nice spot, without forgetting the desire to continue to increase the quality of all the wines which is so important to us... for always more pleasure in the bottle!!! Our identity is translated by fruity and strong wines as Pinot noir En Prêle or Trousseau à La Dame, and powerful white wines as our Château Chalon. Macvin du Jura and Crémant du Jura are also our specialities. Some specific vintages are now the curiosity of wine lovers, such as our Trousseau à La Dame or Chardonnay La Grande Chaude. For us, the 2021 vintage will be very special since it will come from the very first certified AB harvests after three years in organic conversion. A double symbol of renewal! This major organic certification project, which we have been carrying out since taking over the family estate, is very important to us.

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