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The Domaine de SAINTE MARIE includes 14ha (about 35acres) of vines. It is specialized in Savagnin, iconic grape variety of Jura, which is used to produce the famous Vin Jaune. We have a 1200m² winery and cellar, one cellar being dedicated to Vin Jaune only. Our vines are 32 years old in average : 60% Savagnin, 20% Chardonnay et 20% made of 3 red grape varieties. You understand that the Savagnin is the base of our strategy, for the vinification as well as the marketing and distribution. With Savagnin, we produce a range of 9 different products, with various qualities : Le Prêt à emporter (ready to drink): easy to drink, floral and fruity o Crémant  Vinificated the traditional way  FIne bubbles, fresh and thurst- quenching o Savagnin Ouillé  Traditional vinification, with topping  Food pairing: fish, seafood Le Sur-Mesure (custom made): more subtil wines, the typicity of Jura wine is soft o Tradition  Blending of traditional Chardonnay and typified Savagnin (without topping)  Food pairing: poultry in a sauce or ghoat cheese. o Savagnin  Matured like a Vin jaune, under a veil, without topping up, for 4 years in oak barrels.  Food pairing: poultry, spicy food, Asian food, Comté cheese o Ensemblage (made of 2 French words : ensemble which means together and assemblage which means blending .  Blending of Savagnin, Chardonnay and Poulsard (red grape variety) vinificated together  This unique wine in Jura comes from a tradition of the winegrowers in the 18th century. It had desappeared and our Domaine has brought this tradition back to life  It pairs with all type of food, in any occasion. It is the opportunitryu to meet friends and spend a nice time with them. That explains its name. o Mac Vin  Produced by the blending of grape juice before fermentation and brandy from Jura marc (mistelle).  Food pairing: aperitif and desserts La Haute Culture (high culture): high quality wines for special occasions. Jura wines with a powerful typicity o Vin de Paille (37.5cl bottles)  Liquor wine. The grapes are dried on straw or wooden racks during 4 to 6 months in order to concentrate sugar and aromas  Food pairing: foie gras, chocolate, desserts o Vin Jaune (62cl bottles) Iconic and famous Jura wine, it is aged under a veil (withoug topping up) during 4 to 6 years in oak barrels before bottling o Vin Jaune (62cl bottles) aged under a veil (withoug topping up) during 10 years in oak barrels before bottling o Food pairing: poultry, spicy food, Asian food, Comté cheese

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