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I am a French woman living in the Bordeaux region. My adventure as a new vigneronne began at the beginning of 2018 when I took over my magnificent 3-hectare estate. I understood very quickly that success in my new professional life would require all my enthusiasm and energy, but also that I would need a good dose of humility. Luckily, I have the full support and active help of my family! I am classed by the governing bodies of the Bordeaux wine trade as a ‘young winegrower’, very deeply involved in cellar-work and all the stages of the vinification. My commitment is to produce quality wines that are honest and of good balance, wines offering very good value for money that are resolutely modern and drinkable in the purest tradition of Bordeaux winemaking. I am totally dedicated to the success of my project and will not spare my efforts in promoting my wines in order to support my future partner. Quality and modern wines offering very good value for money. The vines of my new domain are south- and southwest-facing on clay/limestone/pebbly slopes overlooking the Garonne river in the village of Cambes, just outside the city of Bordeaux. The 25-year-old vines offer ideal conditions and enormous potential for producing excellent wines that are both pleasing and subtle. Vinification is carried out under organic protection (i.e. no sulphates). Careful ageing takes place in stainless steel vats or French oak barrels depending on the cuvées. The grape varieties are Merlot, Malbec, Semillon, and Sauvignon. The packaging is in perfect harmony with the modernity of my wines. Viticultural practices totally respectful of the environment. My passion for viticulture that is respectful of the environment can here express itself fully. Obtaining HVE (High Environmental Value) certification in April 2020 was only the first step in this direction. I am currently preparing my conversion to organic viticulture for next August. Encouraging ratings. My two first vintages of Cadillac Côtes-de-Bordeaux red 2018 and 2019 were rewarded by encouraging ratings in 'Wine Advocate' during the two last Bordeaux Primeurs campaigns . They have also received excellent reviews in French guides, magazines, and some of the principal wine concourses. Vintage 2018: LISA PERROTTI-BROWN WINE ADVOCATE 86-88 Vintage 2019: JAMES SUCKLING 87 – 88 / LISA PERROTTI-BROWN WINE ADVOCATE 87 – 89 My first productions are now available. I am looking for distribution partners, who would be ready to share my values and would be interested in my estate profile.

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