Domaine Bois de Devès

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It was in 2020, during the pandemic, that Nicholas Smith took his big leap. After four intence years in the cooperatives and vineyards of the Loire Valley, the former rock drummer and Plumpton graduate from the south coast of England, finally choose Fronton, an appellation in the South with beneficial oceanic influences in times of climate change, to make his mark on the world of wine . Since then, he has been cultivating the 10 hectares of old vines accompanied by oak wood from Domaine Bois de Devès with sustainable practices and great sensitivity to the terroirs. Agroforestry is the practice of growing trees alongside crops. The Devès vineyard comes with the responsiblity of acting as a custodian of the Devès forest. The interplay between the forest and the vines is a vital part of the unique character of the wines. Trees produce a mesoclimate, acting as windbreaks, changing humidity, drawing water and sharing deep subsoil nutrients, all bound by the fungal mycorrhiza which act as a wood wide web for the exchange of nutrients and even information, in the form of plant hormones, between trees and perhaps even between the vines and the forest.

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Domaine Bois de Devès
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