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Located in the plain of Roussillon, the Domaine Arquiris covers 5 hectares, just a stone's throw away from the sea and at the foot of the Canigou mountain. Since 2006, the two winegrowers of the Domaine, Myriam Garnier and Ideal Bernadas, have invested in biodynamic practices that respect the environment and the biodiversity. Certified organic since the beginning of their work in the vineyard, their knowledge and know-how have deepened thanks to the work with other winemakers and through trials and research. Throughout the past years, the estate has also been DEMETER certified. This decision is the result of having confidence in what nature produces without systematic human intervention. Nevertheless, the work of viticulture and vinification has not been reduced! It has been enriched by an increased vigilance and active support to the interactions between plants, soils and micro-organisms within the vineyard. The viticultural activities are therefore carried out by hand, in order to respect the natural balance and rhythms as much as possible. The domain is recent, and the wines we present to you are the first to be produced independently! They are the successors of a previous work in cooperation with other winegrowers of the region. Thus, our work consists in respecting the traditions, the grape varieties and the ancestral techniques of our land, and defending the living and the biodiversity of our territories. The wines we produce have been awarded the IGP Côtes Catalanes.

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