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Autonomy, respect for nature's cycles, circular ecology, these are the values that drive the work of Fabien Demois who settled in Chinon in 2008 after his mother retired from viticulture and oenology studies. Straightforward, sincere and frank, these are the values that characterize the wines produced in Biodynamics by Fabien Demois whose vines have been converted to organic farming. Since 2015, Fabien Demois has chosen biodynamics, this production system considers the earth as a whole at the service of the living. Thus, in addition to the preparations, horse manure from the stable of Chezelet, located on the estate, is used as an amendment for the vines. Fabien Demois respects the natural rhythm of the plant. Sheep graze in the winter in the plots. And the vines are worked under the row as long as it does not disturb the biodiversity. The inter-rows are sown with various species such as barley, radish or clover in order to encourage biodiversity and to serve as green manure. All the grapes are harvested by hand in boxes. The wines are vinified by parcel in concrete tanks without time constraints. Then the wines are matured in barrels or vats to create the best expression of Chinon wines and on specific terroirs, parcel-based cuvées are proposed for straight wines with complete mastery. The barrels came from the Treuil cooperage in Brive. We use them for 4 years and change to new ones.

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