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It all began in 2016 when Romain, a native Norman, flew to Australia. In addition to visiting the country and surfing (or at least trying) on Australia's prettiest waves, he discovered cider, a very popular beverage in local pubs. Cider? What's that? Well, cider is a carbonated drink, a little like the well-known beers of the Haut-de-France region. Unfortunately, Australia doesn't grow good quality apples. As a result, they add chemicals to their cider to alter its taste. When he returned to France, Romain told his friend Maxime, a beer enthusiast from Lille, about his discovery. The two partners quickly realized that they wanted to develop ciders, but the French way... In other words, they wanted create an innovative recipe that is 100% natural. And that's how the Mauret Cider was born! Mauret Cider is a clever blend of five different varieties of cider apples and one of pear. Few people know that cider is not produced from apples that can be found in supermarkets. Cider apples are much smaller and bitter in taste than their sister varieties. Romain and Maxime had the good idea to add a pear to the blend. It brings a little acidity to this nectar, making it even more refreshing and pleasant on the palate. Of course, thanks to the high quality of French fruits, our cider remains 100% natural and has no added sugar. You can enjoy it (in moderation of course...) without worrying about your health. Mauret Ciders are very low in calories and are perfect for all festive occasions. They can be combined with all your favorite cocktails. We still had to source the finest ingredients.... Luckily or by fate, Romain's grandfather is a former Norman cider apple producer. Thanks to their long-standing knowledge and friendships, they were able to build up a network of small Norman producers... Even if they traded in their old press truck for newer equipment, tradition remains at the heart of our story...and the barrelling and bottling of our cider!

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