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Private label could be the solution to adress a tight-budget target

April 14th


An alternative in inflation times


Recent inflationary pressures prompt global beauty consumers to seek cost-effective alternatives. Private label products meet demands for quality and affordability.

Resilient during economic downturns, private label’s popularity grows amid current cost-of-living challenges. Expanding beyond traditional domains, it registers significant growth in personal care and penetrates beauty-centric categories. In hair care, private label outpaces competitors with double-digit growth

Price hikes by established brands drive consumers towards private label offerings. Retailers launch budget-friendly alternatives, fueling a growing "dupe" culture, particularly among younger generations. 


How to capitalize on the trend

Looking ahead, private label's appeal to premium beauty and personal care consumers is expected to endure amidst ongoing economic uncertainty. Retailers can capitalize on this trend by emphasizing premium attributes while maintaining pricing flexibility. Business France experts in your country can help you investigate legal risks and brand dilution associated with excessive imitation.

Should you worry about the potential legal risks and brand dilution associated with excessive imitation, do not hesitate in reaching out to Business France's experts in your country. 

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