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The Federation of Bakery-Pastry Enterprises (FEB) represents, advocates for, and promotes entrepreneurs in the bakery-pastry sector. It brings together 150 production sites of various sizes and nearly 1600 stores in the bakery-viennoiserie-pastry (BVP) sector, including both integrated and franchised establishments. Our sector employs almost 50,000 individuals nationwide, generating a turnover of 9 billion euros, with 2.6 billion euros coming from exports. It is with pride that FEB contributes to the vitality and prosperity of this crucial industry.

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The bakery sector is booming worldwide. Product innovations are created every day by industry professionals. Bakeries and new café/store concepts are regularly opening around the world. In addition to this, consumers are increasingly eager for new flavors, quality products, and are mindful of their socio-environmental impact.

France enjoys numerous advantages in this sector, including recognized expertise and product quality, a strong international image, and a presence of products exported worldwide by major corporations.

Explore the Bakery and Pastry Industry in France

France's bakery and pastry industry is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and artisanal expertise. 

France is famous for its sweet delights and delicious breads, with bakery and pastry playing a central role in French gastronomy. French bakers and pastry chefs are considered custodians of culinary heritage, and their work is highly regarded.

In the bakery sector, you'll find a wide variety of breads, ranging from traditional baguettes and croissants to specialty breads and innovative creations. French bakers are known for their mastery of fermentation, which gives breads a soft texture and exceptional taste. They also use high-quality flours and local ingredients to ensure top-notch products.

French pastry is equally renowned, with an abundance of cakes, tarts, eclairs, macarons, and other irresistible treats. French pastry chefs are celebrated for their precision and creativity. They blend traditional techniques with modern twists to create desserts that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Their creations often resemble culinary works of art.

Presenting numerous opportunities for businesses in the industry. Both artisanal and larger-scale enterprises have the chance to showcase their products beyond French borders.