About us

Club PAI - People for Food Additives & Ingredients - is a non-profit association that gathers professionals from the ingredient and additive business.
Whatever their sector, all ingredient providers have the same clients, same problems, same technical, commercial or regulatory constraints and same marketing targets.


Today, the Club has more than 75 members and aims to bring together professionals from different sectors, share and pool expertise and broaden the circle of exchange initiated nearly 30 ago.


Our aims are essentially to generate a synergy to innovate, and develop new products, but also to promote ingredients and communicate to customers - buyers, formulators, prescribers, journaliste, public authorities.

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Alix de Reynal
44600 Redon


To join the PAI Club:

If you are a manufacturer or distributor of ingredients or additives, or if you offer products and services specifically for this sector, submit your application to the Board of Directors at Upon approval, you will then pay the annual membership fee of €900 (not subject to VAT).

The club keeps you informed through:

  • PAI Contact: A quick monthly email sent free of charge upon request. PAI Contact is currently sent to 10,000 professionals, reaching individuals in purchasing, R&D, Marketing Innovation, the specialized press, users, and more.
  • The PAI Letter: An annual publication widely distributed during events and exhibitions. It covers the latest developments in the sector and in-depth articles.
  • Press Relations: The club ensures press coverage at every event, whether it's a trade show, visit, symposium, or club meeting. Stay connected and informed with the PAI Club!