Sweet, candied chesnuts

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  1. FOR US ONLY Metal box Soft Nougat assortment : Montélimar nougat, Raspberry and Pistachio (8.81 oz)
  2. FOR US ONLY Soft flavored Nougat assortment tray : Raspberry, Pistachio, Apricot, Fig (3.17 oz)
  3. FOR US ONLY Soft Nougat tray with 30% less sugar than Montélimar Nougat (4.23 oz)
  4. FOR US ONLY Soft flavores Nougat assortment bag : Vanilla , Raspberry, Pistachio (7.05 oz)
  5. 22g Love box assortment : Raspberry flavoured nougat, Montélimar nougat coated with dark chocolate, milk chocolate bonbon filled with Montelimar Nougat cream.
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