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Huile Essentielle de Niaouli (Niaouli Essential Oil)

A member of the myrtle family, niaouli is a tree found mainly in New Caledonia, Australia and Madagascar. Its bark forms slabs that detach from the trunk, and its leaves are evergreen and fragrant. Niaouli essential oil is more commonly known as gomenol essential oil. Niaouli essential oil is obtained by distillation of niaouli leaves. All our essential oils meet the quality criteria of the HEBBD or HECT logo. They are all 100% pure and natural. Niaouli essential oil is selected with respect to the botanical identification of the plant and its producing organ, and its verified chromatography makes it a chemotyped niaouli essential oil. We recommend keeping the bottle of niaouli essential oil closed and away from light. Our niaouli essential oil bottles are made of amber glass and fitted with a child-resistant dropper cap. The properties of this niaouli essential oil are thus preserved, ensuring that all its benefits are retained and that you benefit from optimum quality of use. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we take great care to ensure that our niaouli essential oil perfectly meets your needs.