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Huile Essentielle de Gaulthérie Couchée (Wintergreen Essential Oil)

Wintergreen is a shrub of the heather family found mainly in Nepal, China and Canada. Its English name is Wintergreen, and it is also known as "Canada tea" or "wintergreen". It grows in cold, damp regions, at higher altitudes and horizontally (hence the name "couchée"). Its red, pink or white berries are present until spring, and the leaves take on a purplish hue in autumn. Wintergreen should not be confused with wintergreen (Gaultheria fragantissima): the essential oil of wintergreen contains a higher concentration of methyl salicylate (derived from aspirin, around 75 to 90%) than that of wintergreen (concentration between 50 and 70%). Its use is similar, but wintergreen is stronger. Wintergreen essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the stems, which are harvested in autumn. It takes around 50kg of plant mass to obtain 1kg of wintergreen essential oil. Wintergreen essential oil is known for its high methyl salicylate content, similar to that found in aspirin. It is used in perfumery because of its powerful scent. All our essential oils meet the quality criteria of the EOBBD or HECT logo. They are all 100% pure and natural. Wintergreen essential oil is selected with respect to the botanical identification of the plant and its producing organ, and its verified chromatography makes it a chemotyped essential oil of wintergreen. We recommend that you keep the bottle of wintergreen essential oil closed and away from light. Athletes sometimes hear about this essential oil before exercise or as part of recovery. A dilution of no more than 10% for adults is strongly recommended for careful use. Our bottles of wintergreen essential oil are made of amber glass to protect it from light, and are fitted with a child-resistant dropper cap. The properties of this essential oil of wintergreen will therefore be preserved for as long as possible, so you can enjoy all its benefits to the full. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we take great care to ensure that wintergreen essential oil perfectly meets your needs.